By purchasing a product, you empower refugee women with jobs and their families with social projects.
Our Social Journey consists of:
1) Outsourcing Embroidery

Since launching of Palestyle in 2009, we have been able to help 100 women with embroidery related jobs. This has translated into a source of: achievement, income, humble saving plan for these women and inspiration to their daughters to learn embroidery as well. Embroidery is fading out because of a decrease in demand and because the younger generation has lost interest learning it, in Palestyle we try to revive both.

2) Social Development Projects
Olive Tree Plantation
Palestine - 2014

Olive Tree Plantation, West Bank: 244 Olive trees have been planted to support the poor farmers in the region. This has helped their monthly income to cumulatively increase by 1500AED. Read more > This was achieved via a single campaign that involved the Customers who bought Palestyle’s famous Glam Clutch. Read less

Water Tank Exchange Program
Jordan Baqaa Refugee Camp - 2015

Water Tank Exchange Program, Baqaa Refugee Camp, Jordan: It provided clean and potable water supply for 4000+ refugees. We replaced the existing contaminated water tanks with new ones.Read more > We also focused on increasing water supply to large households which had minimal supply. In addition, Three schools obtained new water piping via this program. This has translated to: Reducing 200hours/month for those families spent in fetching clean water (after supply runs out) this is equivalent to AED15,000/month of buying clean water to meet their shortage supply. Schools who had their new piping systems installed saved 600hours/month of study time wasted by students leaving the school to use washrooms outside the school since the school’s washrooms had no water. Read less

Refugee Children's Community Library
Al Mafraq, Jordan - 2016

The on-going Syrian crisis has resulted in massive and ever-increasing waves of refugees fleeing the country. 1.2 million Syrian refugees are living in Jordan, half of which are children who have no or little access to education. Palestyle with its partner, Parisian Luggage Brand, Lipault, have created a Collection titled "Travel with a Cause". Read more > Palestyle has designed the beautiful embroidery patterns on the Luggage collection and for every bag in this collection sold, a 10% went towards building a Community Library for the refugee children in Al Mafraq while supplying the library with a wide range of new books. The library serves 450 children of Al Mafraq Refugee Communities and is the only one in the area. The Library opened its doors to the Children with a huge Musical Story Telling Celebration, gifting each child a Therapeutic Animated Book called "Far From Home" along with warm winter gear. Operational and staff costs of the library will be covered through sales of Palestyle's handbags. Partners on the ground "Books for Syria Org" and "Helping Refugees in Jordan Org". Read less