The Brand
PALESTYLE’s artisans are unlike any other: They're refugee women whose intricate handmade embroidery empower each bag with an identity.

The artisans of PALESTYLE are unlike any other: They're refugee women whose intricate handmade embroidery has journeyed from impoverished camps in the Middle East to Italian workshops where the brand’s luxury handbags are crafted.

From there, the handbags travel to high-end department stores around the world, including the likes of House of Fraser and Bloomingdales, as well as to the closets of celebrities such as Eva Longoria.
PALESTYLE's genuine leather handbags are adorned with embroidery and gold-plated Arabic calligraphy containing messages of femininity and strength.
And it all started with one trip, and one woman
Having visited refugee camps in Lebanon for the first time in 2009, entrepreneur Zeina Abou Chaaban - director and founder of PALESTYLE - was moved by what she witnessed. 180,000 refugees were crammed into a 1 square kilometer of land. Most of these refugees are young and educated, yet due to a lack of job opportunities and inadequate infrastructure, they struggle with poverty. At the camp, Zeina met a group of brave women who spend their time embroidering despite those harsh conditions. Their desire to contribute to their families was so inspirational that Zeina decided to take action. It was then that PALESTYLE was conceived as a social fashion brand, a pioneer in the region. In 2011, Ahmad joined PALESTYLE as partner and creative director, taking the brand to new luxury heights. With Ahmad’s extensive expertise in the Luxury field, PALESTYLE landed Michelle Rodriguez and Allison Harvard as the faces of the brand in 2013 and 2015. The siblings have continued expanding PALESTYLE with the inclusion of a Home Line and the introduction of new ventures around the world. Through their work, they have helped solidify the brand, empowering more refugee women in the process.

PALESTYLE’s social mission is simple: By purchasing a product, you empower refugee women with jobs and their families with social projects. PALESTYLE has a high social return on investment among Middle Eastern brands and the only regional business to hold the prestigious Social Return on Investment Certificate.

Other recognitions include an award from MIT for the Best Women-Led Business in 2014, The Emirates Women Humanitarian Award in 2013 and the Harvard University Inspiring Entrepreneur’s Recognition in 2014. PALESTYLE, whose work has been featured at the British Museum of London, aims to continue its mission of empowering refugee women, taking its cause beyond borders, cultures, and religions. Palestyle's work has been also featured in the British Museum of London.